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What do you think?!?

What do you think?!?
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All thoughts/opinions welcomed!

Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall. - Confucius
My life is one that proves fortitude and courage to rise every time you fall, regardless of how far, is an achievement in itself and that constant repetition of this action leads to more appreciable, glorious and rewarding successes. I believe evidence of a worthy individual full of promise is one who possesses ambition and endurance to rise above failure of any magnitude, and the ability to recognize the need for self, and/or situational improvement, and act upon that need.  I hope to convey here a lasting impression of my persevering nature and solid character, evidence that my steadfast resolve, personal history of achievements and life experiences would bring positive diversity to the legal field, and why a legal education is important to further my personal development.
I wanted to go to college but no one in my family had, so I figured higher education was for wealthy people or students who were at the very top of their class.  My parents were young and had always struggled financially, and my grades were great but othersí were better.  Despite the fact that I was unable, financially, to go to college, other factors of home life, which I lack the space to divulge, played a large part in my negative outlook on life and the future.  I was academically intelligent, but I lacked the maturity and guidance to make good life decisions.  These deficits, among others, led to me becoming married and a mother at the age most girls are getting their driverís license and preparing for college. 
I soon realized I had fallen and tried unsuccessfully several times, in two depressing years of being married to an abusive alcoholic, sporadically homeless, and living off welfare, to make a clean break with my children from the disaster that had become our lives.  I recognized the dire need to improve my self and my situation, but my options were scarce because I was not yet legally considered an adult.  I began incessantly seeking information and resources to employ so that I could improve upon and overcome this failure.  When I finally turned eighteen many doors opened because I had already prepared for what had to be done.  I found a full-time job, and a safe and steady home for my children and I.  I discovered the importance of selfless parenting, budgeting, preparation and independence.  These achievements resulted in my first appreciation of the glory to be had in rising above your mistakes, regardless of their enormity, and the value of recognizing and acting upon the need for improvement.  My children were never a burden; they have always been my driving force.
Two years later I began realizing my goal of graduating from college.  Here again, I found glory in rising from my failure of not finishing high school by attaining my GED and then being accepted at Kent State University.  I utilized the opportunity of attending college as a single mother and working part-time to hone my ability to prioritize and manage time wisely.  While many understandably saw my personal life as a burden, I saw it as encouraging and inspirational.  I had so much motivation to succeed that I actually considered myself to have the upper hand over those who took college less seriously.  I matured, gained new skills, excelled in my studies, and graduated cum laude.  Even now, I am most satisfied by seizing every aspect an opportunity offers instead of just getting something done.
The hurdles in my life have been many and due to my positivism and determination I have nonetheless prevailed. This is especially evident in the two most remarkable achievements Iíve chosen to share in this minuscule, yet significant, glance into my life.  The glory I have found in successfully overcoming the obstacles and negative stigma associated with being a destitute, young, single mother, and attaining a college education, not to mention the countless personal growth opportunities I have absorbed throughout, has given me unwavering confidence that when I fall I have the power to rise, make a difference and become a better person in the process. 
 Aside from other law school candidates, I am extraordinary in that I overcame an economic and socially arduous start in life.  Further, in defeating the odds those hardships carry I now believe I have an advantage over those who may not have had to work as hard as I had to to be where, and who, I am today.  My life experiences, provable staying power, and personal history of noteworthy achievements, coupled with my Ďcup half fullí attitude, analytical skills, dogged yearning for wisdom, and ambition to pay it forward, would bring positive diversity to The University of Akron School of Law and the legal field.
Attainment of my personal and professional goals to this point is significant but I have yet to reach my full potential.  Despite several facets of the satisfaction of a legal education, those of utmost importance to me are wisely polishing my attributes, achieving new levels of personal growth, and maximizing my capacity to give back to the community that assisted me in overcoming my early failures in life.  Succeeding in this endeavor, I will serve humanity with integrity and humility as a brilliant source of inspiration in abetting those who have fallen and are willing to climb to reach their full potential and not succumb to failure of any degree.  Iím living proof that itís what you learn from, and do with, lifeís falls that matter most.  Thank you for your consideration.

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Well...I've been declined by Akron for part-time evening program.  I'm pretty sure it's my crappy 148 LSAT score from 2007 so I guess I'm going to retake it (blah).

Anyway....any thoughts / suggestions on my personal statement for my application for Fall 2011 are very welcome and appreciated!


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It has a good core. However, there are some grammatical errors, it could make people feel uncomfortable (abusive husband, etc.) so try to tone it down a bit, and it sounds a bit "braggy." I hope I didn't offend you- that's not my intent. Those are just my initial thoughts. Retake the LSAT. Akron's grid shows they care about LSAT scores much more than your GPA.