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How bad is Touro?

Re: How bad is Touro?
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This is purely anecdotal, but the last lawyer I hired to represent me (in traffic court) was a Touro grad working in North Carolina.  He has his own practice there (and NC, as you may know, has plenty of lawyers from plenty of great NC law schools).  He also teaches and judges moot court at UNC Law. 

You've probably made a decision by this point, but I wanted to inject one bit of positivity into this somewhat disheartening thread. 


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Re: How bad is Touro?
« Reply #21 on: July 05, 2010, 09:56:46 AM »
It is this crazy phenomenon that has been happening where law schools teach their students to be lawyers. The reality is if you are good people will figure it out and if your not it will get figured out no matter what school you go to or where you came from. That applies to every single profession not just the law. Jamarcas Russel No #1 Overall Pick, College Champion etc cut after 3 years in the league and known as one of the worst NFL quarterbacks in history.  Tom Brady drafted #221 or somewhere around will be a hall of famer and may the best quarterback of all time. 

It really doesn't matter that much where you came from it is the results you get in the real world. Certainly it helps to be a #1 draft pick or to go to Harvard Law School, but you still need to prove yourself no matter where you came from. If someone goes to TimBuktu State and they throw 100 touchdown passes, or win 100 trials, or make genius business decisions, whatever it may be they will be considered good at their profession.

If you are #1 draft pick and you can't complete a pass you will go down as not very good, if you went to Harvard and never win a case you won't be considered very good, well Wall Street that is all need to say those guys probably all went to great schools and they went to the point of ruining the country they are idiots. George Bush went to Harvard, but I don't think anyone considers him a genius. Obama also went to Harvard and although I don't agree with a lot of his stuff, I think he is very intelligent and I would hire him as a lawyer in a second. Two guys from Harvard one I think is smart the other not so much just continues to show it is up to you not your school to be good at your profession.