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Why cooley is the best law school ever.

Re: Why cooley is the best law school ever.
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To the contrary, my points are relevant.

First what does higher processing mean? Second according to who do math/physics majors do better on the LSAT? 

Also don't you go to a liberal arts college, since you are so technically inclined and allegedly brilliant why did you not go to MIT or something? 

I think the basketball/football player is right on both are professional athletes who are tall, can bench press a lot of weight, run fast, catch well, have a competitive edge etc.  Or simply they both require athletic "higher processing" as look to call it and being good one does not make you good at the other. Even with those similar characteristics.

Maybe you will do great in law school, but I hope for the sake of everybody you get humbled, but the results will be what they are and if you get a 180 on your LSAT and get the Witkin award in every class then what can be said you would be pretty damn smart when it comes to legal education. If you do all that and eventually become a Supreme Court Judge then nobody can say anything to you your connections, experience, whatever got you there worked, but as of now you are talking out of your ass you have not done anything not even the most basic step, which is taking the LSAT. Get a 180 and on it and tell the world if you want, but nobody in law school will want to hear or care how will you did on the LSAT so I would recommend keeping it to yourself. Being humble is a quality that people respect and you obviously have not learned that lesson.

Higher processing is how well you do with logic, reason, how quick you are when it comes to computing numbers, how well you think under pressure, etc... All humans use it, but other humans use it to an even greater extent than the average.

I, although not like on here, have always gloated about my accomplishments and scores on exams and grades. Apart from being on the swim and softball team where I am extremely competitive, I am also competitive when it comes to grades. I make it known if I did well on an exam or if my GPA is higher than other students. Academia like sports, is better for everyone if it is treated like a sport. Humbleness is the crux of weakness to me.


Re: Why cooley is the best law school ever.
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