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Hello, anybody ever attended the summer program that Loyola offers for conditional acceptance? Or has anyone ever heard of it? i have already sent my response that I wish to enroll, the low on my application was a low LSAT score over multiple attempts with a 3.5 GPA from a respectable school.  Just trying to get as much info on the program?  ive heard directly from the school that the passing rate is very low.  Thoughts???

Actually,  I know someone who attended the program and I think that you should attend.   Be very positive and talk with the dean before leaving.  Make sure that you show your professors and everyone you come in contact with that you are very interested in the program.  I think that is what really matters.  Of course you have to pay attention and be prepared for each class.  I hope it works out for you.  Good Luck.

Does anyone have more information on the summer conditional program at Loyola. I am trying to decided if this is something I should do but I am worried because the passing rate is so low. Has anyone out there done it and if so can you tell me about it? Thanks!

Nova Juris:
if you have a high gpa like you claim just retake the lsat. Take a prep program if needed.


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