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JD/MPP - NW/Kennedy School v. Georgetown

JD/MPP - NW/Kennedy School v. Georgetown
« on: April 26, 2010, 07:13:27 AM »
In case the law school application process wasn't fun enough, I simultaneously applied for masters programs this past fall in hopes of pursuing a joint JD/MPP, and now I've got a tough decision to make.

I've been accepted into a concurrent degree program at Northwestern Law and the Harvard Kennedy School, and have also been accepted into both Georgetown's Law and Masters program. As someone who comes from a public interest background, and intends to return to this world after graduation, Georgetown Law trumps Northwestern Law, but the Kennedy School trumps Georgetown's Masters. If I do Georgetown, I can get both degrees in one place and even get the benefit of specifically integrated law/masters courses. But I've loved the Kennedy School for a long time, and am having a hard time letting that option go.

Anyone out there do a joint JD/MPP at any of these options? Or just attend any of the schools and can offer some feedback? I have a week to choose. Eeek!



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Re: JD/MPP - NW/Kennedy School v. Georgetown
« Reply #1 on: April 26, 2010, 01:30:57 PM »
That's a tough call; personally I'd take the NW Kennedy School combo. But the travel situation might be hard. With the NW/KS option you get an equal quality legal education and a superior policy school. You also get the benefit of having a connection to two prestigious universities and their alumni network as opposed to just one. That might not matter to some people, but I would count that as a positive. Congratulations though, you really can't make a bad decision.