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Chicago-Kent ($$$) v. UW Madison (no $, but in-state tuition)

I am having a super hard time with this decision. Just after I was admitted to UW off the wait list less than a week ago, Chicago-Kent sends me an email upping their original scholarship offer from $20k/yr to full tuition the first year, and $25k/yr for the next two. I have family in Madison, and really it's the only school I wanted to go to, and I campaigned extremely hard to get off of their waitlist (shouldn't have even been on it to begin with in my estimation, I have a 3.9 and 161, but anyways that's besides the point). But... I'm thinking about not having to worry about money at all during law school, and it's incredibly tempting to be able to stick with the stafford loans, not have to work the first yr (which I know you're not supposed to anyways, but if I go to Madison I most likely will have to because I'm poor), etc etc. Any suggestions??? I know Madison is a better school, and their rankings even went up last year, and I think I would be more comfortable in that city v. Chicago, but I just don't know. Help!!


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Re: Chicago-Kent ($$$) v. UW Madison (no $, but in-state tuition)
« Reply #1 on: April 22, 2010, 06:55:18 AM »
If you go to Wisconsin, you won't have to work during 1L (or at all really), that's what PLUS loans are for.

What are the scholarship conditions like? Those can matter more than the scholarship itself.

I'd probably take UW, but I like Wisconsin. Also, keep in mind that Wisconsin grads get the diploma privilege in Wisconsin. Not having to take the bar is no small thing.