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A Personalized Roadmap to Law School Admissions

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The Law School admissions process can be both arduous and imposing. Write Track Admissions, however, will pair you up with an Admissions Expert who will guide you through the daunting law school admissions process, and navigate you toward your dream law school.  Write Track Admissions will guide you through each and every step, and furnish you with the expertise that will maximize the quality and professionalism of your law school application. In addition, your very own Admissions Expert can provide you with guidance about other components of your application. Each client will receive the optimal, individualized attention and a candid assessment of your application materials before you even proceed with Write Track’s services.  Visit

Write Track clients have gained admission to the most prominent and prestigious JD and LLM programs, including:

•   Harvard School of Law
•   Yale School of Law
•   Columbia School of Law
•   University of Berkeley School of Law – Boalt Hall
•   NYU School of Law
•   Stanford School of Law
•   University of Toronto Faculty of Law
•   University of Chicago School of Law
•   Georgetown School of Law
•   And other top American and international law schools

Admissions  Services

•   One-to-One Personal Consulting with your own Write Track Admissions Expert, and a professional evaluation of your prospect of admissions, and expert guidance about how to confidently proceed with packaging your law school applications
•   Constructing the most polished and compelling Personal Statement & Essays

•   Assessment of whether you require an Addendum or Supplemental Essay

•   Constructing a professional Law Admissions Resume

•   Research & Identify the best law schools that fit with your interests and professional aspirations

•   Strategic expertise about identifying and pursuing Scholarship and Grant opportunities at individual law schools

•   Facilitating contact with Write Track Admissions Alumni, who are current students or graduates at your law school of choice, who can help mentor you through the admissions process

Student    Testimonials

"When I was done, I knew it was golden-- and so did Harvard and Yale Law."Amir Saad, (Yale Law, '12)

"What made them unique was that they were SO excited about what they were doing that they made me excited about my statement!!"Ali Assareh (NYU Law, '12)

"With their help, I was accepted by my #1 law school. "Sara Keller, (Berkeley Law, '10)