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VA/MD/DC BarBri Prep Course in Philadelphia this summer

VA/MD/DC BarBri Prep Course in Philadelphia this summer
« on: March 31, 2010, 11:23:27 AM »
3Ls, are you planning to practice in Washington, DC, Baltimore, or elsewhere in the DC/MD/VA region? Do you want to take a BarBri prep course in Philadelphia to prepare for the Maryland or Virginia bar exam?

Currently, Barbri doesn’t offer a MD or VA prep course in the Philadelphia area, even though many of us who live in the Philadelphia area plan to take one of these exams to practice in the National Capitol Region.

According to BarBri, 25 students must sign up for a specific bar prep course in a locality for that bar prep course to be offered. If you plan to, or are considering staying in Philadelphia this summer while you prepare for the bar, and would be interested in taking the Maryland or Virginia BarBri course if it were offered here, please send me a personal message ASAP so we can arrange for a course to be offered.

I’m reaching out to students at Philadelphia-area law schools this week to gauge interest, and I need to contact BarBri by April 15 to arrange a course offering.

If you are considering taking the Maryland or Virginia bar and staying in Philadelphia to study, please PM me with: your name, state you want offered (or if you would take either if only one is offered—DC allows members of both state bars to waive in), email address, and whether you are already signed up for BarBri.