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ONU/Widener TAP/ DetroitMercy Suggestions??

ONU/Widener TAP/ DetroitMercy Suggestions??
« on: March 29, 2010, 07:29:52 AM »
Hello interested advice-givers.

I was accepted into ONU Law summer starter, Widener TAP and U Detroit Mercy.  Still waiting to hear from Touro, Roger Williams, Dayton.  Of the schools I was accepted, which would be the best place to either spend three years OR transfer back to a NY area school-- Rutgers-N, Seton Hall, NYLS, Hofstra, or Pace. 
I have a 3.4 UGPA from a competitive undergrad and finishing my MA in legal history with a 3.6 GGPA. Hoping that I can stay w/i the meaty part of the curve 1L. As like life, no promises.  Here is my pro/con list.

Widener Harrisburg TAP- no promise of admission (although I am somewhat confident I can hold a 2.3 over the month-long period) but there is no credit given to successful participants.  Plus, crushing Widener curve might squash transfer hopes.
ONU/summer starter-- 8 credit over the summer program with impressive placement among class rank leaders/law review. Yet, Ada, Ohio long way from NY Metro area for job prospects if transfer doesn't pan out. Not a trail admission program.
U Detroit Mercy--location, location, location.  But, outright offer of fall admission a plus along with cheap housing and determined admin. to improve school.   Curve a some what generous 2.8, not too bad for T4 but if transfer falls through, DETROIT FOR THREE YEARS?!?

Anyone who can offer candid advice would be much appreciated.  I know these are bottom bottom schools, but I want to give this a shot and have confidence in my ability. 

Thanks in advance