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I applied last year and they rejected me. For some reason, I thought this year they would let me in. I was wrong, rejected again. I kept my letter from last year and compared it to the e-mail rejection, they're practically the same! Here is this year's rejection E-MAIL. Check out the ESQ. behind the admissions dean's name. So lawyers do the choosing, well that explains a lot!  ::)

Dear Marie:

Thank you for your interest and effort in your recent application for admission to Whittier Law School.  The Faculty Admissions Committee has reviewed your application for admission to the Fall 2010 entering class.  I regret to inform you that the Committee will not be offering you a place in the Fall 2010 entering class.

In our process to assemble a new class every year, so many applicants with impressive backgrounds must be turned away.  Admission decisions were based on a comparative review that included an evaluation of each applicant's academic performance, additional scholastic achievements, preparation and potential for advanced study, letters of recommendation, and other supporting materials.


As you are one of a large number of applicants who have been sent this letter, I am not able to write personally to you about the factors that affected our decision. I do wish to assure you however that your application received a thorough evaluation. It was difficult to deny admission to so many while knowing the breadth of their accomplishments.  I can assure you that your file was given extensive and careful consideration.  This disappointing outcome is not a reflection of your potential as a law student or as a lawyer.


Applicants who are interested in individualized counseling regarding the admissions process can contact the Office of Admissions after September 1, 2010 to schedule an appointment.

Tom McColl, Esq.

Assistant Dean for Admissions
and Financial Aid

I'm pretty sure every school does this

Probably.  :P

yeah, i got the same email!

Is this a problem?


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