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Hey everyone,

I am a little confused here.  Depending on which camp I talk to, there are people who are optimistic about the summer 2L job outlook for 2011, and others who think it will be as bad (if not worse) than this year.  Does anybody have any inclination one way or another?

Making this question more specific to me, I am currently above median at Illinois Urbana-Champaign, have locked up an externship for this summer (get to sit in on the Drew Peterson trial, pretty pumped), and am the first person in my family or circle of friends' respective histories to go through law school.  I would just like to know what I can reasonably expect for this upcoming OCI and summer 2011 cycle.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

Talk Is Cheap:
It's awful this year. I was in your place a year ago (just above median--40%--), Minnesota Law, externed with a judge, got few OCI interviews and struck out.

I know kids from law review on down in my class who have nothing lined up for this summer. Word on the street is about 50% of this class has nothing for the summer...and of course, your chances in 3L are much worse.

How much will things turn around by your year? Maybe some, but probably not enough. It's an employer's market right now.

If you don't mind my asking, what (if any) did you end up with?  Considering I mowed through applications to land a menial summer job with Home Depot before starting law school (I am doing this straight from UG), I have no problem doing a ton of legwork to secure myself employment.  I figure directly after OCI, I will be pounding the pavement.

Summer 2011 will be a bloodbath, equally as bad (if not worse) than it was this year.

But you will have one advantage that my class did not have: you know how bad it's going to be and can take defensive measures earlier than we did.

Everything I've heard says it should be at least a little bit better. Remember, they're hiring for 2012 this fall, and we're already starting to see associates lateral away from firms. It's not going to be a party like it's 2006 by any means, but it just wouldn't make sense for it to be as bad as last year.


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