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Wake Forest, Elon, or UNC?


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Re: Wake Forest, Elon, or UNC?
« Reply #10 on: April 06, 2010, 11:36:28 AM »
Wake or UNC. Why we are even having this discussion is beyond me.

TITCR. I'm sure Elon has professors who care about you, and a staff that will do their absolute best to help you learn the law, pass the bar, and find meaningful employment. However, UNC and Wake are both much more established, and much more difficult to get into. This means that they will have alumni who look favorably upon graduates of these schools. This also means that, when seeing a resume with Elon on it next to a resume with UNC/Wake on it, an employer will assume that the Wake/UNC student had a better GPA/LSAT combination, and therefore may learn more quickly. Whether that assumption is correct or not is really irrelevant, and if the employer only offers an interview to the UNC/Wake student, you will not get a chance to prove your worth.

Legal careers are based on reputation. When your legal career is just beginning, your resume will be judged based on the reputation of the school you attend.

UNC or Wake, easily.