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i have a pretty solid essay that infers my poor grades were do to a suicide of a close friend and points out the dramatic upswing of my grades after i went abroad...  as well as loads of community service at a crisis hotline post graduation

my lsat is over the 75th mark for all but one of my schools (Brooklyn Law) but my GPA is really bad

should i be expecting a lot of rejection letters? anyone else been in the same boat?

be honest. be blunt. i can take it.

Re: 158LSAT/2.51GPA?
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I'm kind of curious where you went for undergrad and what you majored in. You're obviously intelligent judging by your LSAT score. 

I don't mean to be insensitive but my mom died during college and it didn't affect my grades at all. A lot of people out there have also suffered some pretty serious *&^%. I don't know if that makes me cold-hearted but I've seen some pretty f'd up stuff happen in the military.

Best of luck though.

Re: 158LSAT/2.51GPA?
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I have very similar #'s and I got into almost all of the schools that I applied to, including a few top 50's. I think if your essay is good, you still have a chance.

What will probably hurt you most is that its so late in the understanding is that most law schools only admit a certain # of students below their 25th percentile, and many of those students have probably been admitted already.