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Looking for input and advice:

I was just accepted to the UCLA LL.M. program for 2010-2011.  I'm from Southern California, went to UCLA for undergrad, and am just about to graduate from law school back east.  I want to practice business law, and if I accept the LL.M. offer from UCLA, I'd specialize in that area. 

I don't have any job prospects right now.  I think this would be a good way to get some more training and make myself a better candidate.  Also, I think it would be a great way to re-connect with the Southern California job market and, let's be honest, hopefully ride out a weak economy for one more year. 

I'm interested in hearing people's thoughts on the matter.  Thanks for reading!

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I'm in a similar situation.  I went to undergrad in Orange County and then went to law school in the midwest.  I was accepted to UCLA's LL.M. program for this fall.  I will be making my own IP specialization.

I understand what you mean about letting the economy take its course and hopefully it will.  If anything, you are gaining an impressive credential that will help you in the future.  I'm looking to eventually teach, so it makes a lot of sense.  I'm just hopeful that UCLA decides to up my aid.  Good luck!