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How to successfuly plan to transfer before even beginning 1L studies?


Re: How to successfuly plan to transfer before even beginning 1L studies?
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wow, actually knowing what you read and being able to talk about the key point in it...........what a new concept! INSANITY!!!!!! >:(

Cicero offers excellent advice, whether or not one hopes to transfer. 

A minor point, not at all against his, is that "reading" isn't the same as "case briefing," which is how many attempt to study.  Your secondary sources (supplements) should come BEFORE your cases.  And it is IMPERATIVE to keep up.  It's not volume of studying.  It's dedication to learning--and the learning must happen BEFORE class.


--don't fall behind on your reading thinking that you can do it later
--if you get confused about anything you're learning, go to the supplements for help, and if that doesn't clear things up, then talk to your prof/TA
--figure out what kind of exam you are up against and how your profs prefer them to be answered--format, do they want case names, etc.
--practice, practice, practice--Q&A, Cali, Law in a Flash, practice essays, etc. (your LS library may have a lot of these supplements, you may want to buy some, and CALI should be provided to you for free online)
--I say make your own outline, but a lot of people don't like to do that. I found that making the outline, revising it, and then creating smaller and smaller versions really helped me to compartmentalize the material and internalize it.
--study groups...I kind of had a study group, but it was more of a group of friends that provided extra support for each other during finals time--lunch or a movie to take our minds off of things, study in the same room and sometimes go over questions or material together, commiserate after a tough final. Some students seemed to really like study groups, or book clubs as Thelo calls them, but I personally didn't like the weekly ones. I found that we ended up talking more than studying.
--at finals time you might want to stay away from the school, except if you're meeting your study group to go over the material (at least 1st semester). The library and study class rooms are often packed with stressed out students who may just stress you out more with their panicking.

(advice comes from a T-4 to T-1 transfer)