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PT 55, Section 4 LG

PT 55, Section 4 LG
« on: February 11, 2010, 09:09:12 AM »
I have a question about Game #4.  I am having trouble with the fourth rule (If Jasmine is still on board......).

When I was doing the questions, I found I could only get the right answer if what J does is determined before G.  So you can't have a setup like the following:

Person:  V R G J
Stop:    M L S F

Doesn't this setup still follow the rules (this contradicts the answer in question 22)?  The only issue with this setup is that G may not yet know what J does.  But this also assumes that these people do not yet already know the schedule of the van.  If they already know the schedule of the van, then if J has not yet gotten off by stop S, then it must be that J is still on board when J reaches F.

Can someone explain how Rule 4 prevents this setup from happening?

Thanks for your assistance!!!