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Transferring schools

Transferring schools
« on: February 04, 2010, 09:49:10 AM »
I'm sure this has been asked many times, but it was unrealistic to search through 43 pages of posts.

I'm a second semester student at a crappy (tier 4) law school.  I got my first semester grades and was able to be in the top 4% of my class.  I'm wondering what my choices are for transferring schools from people who have attempted transferring in the past.  Some deadlines have passed and I have applied, but I'm really wondering where I should be aiming if I keep within the top 10% of my class.  Thanks in advance. 


Re: Transferring schools
« Reply #1 on: February 11, 2010, 09:47:15 AM »
Since nobody was able to reply, maybe I should rephrase/redefine my question. 

After looking through all 43 pages on this topic, some people have asked similar questions, but the answers are rather outdated.  In today's day and age, more students are attending law school than ever before (partially because of the economy).  Coming from the top 10% of a tier 4 law school, is it feasible to be accepted as a transfer to a mid level tier 1 or tier 2?  What about top 20%? 

Hopefully this makes it easier to understand what I am aiming at.  Thanks in advance.



Re: Transferring schools
« Reply #2 on: April 10, 2010, 10:49:40 AM »
Yes it is.  It is a little late for this, but Georgetown EA was a good option for you.  You can still transfer over the summer.  Find a high ranked school that is friendly to transfers.  GULC, U. Chicago, and Bolt come to mind.  There are more. GL.