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Someone please help
« on: February 04, 2010, 02:41:24 AM »
Here is my situation: our school (2nd tier private school) has a grading policy that requires professors to give out C- or below to 8~12 percent of 1st year students. I see this is not the case with some schools(some schools dont require professors to give out any C-'s) Students at my school have better LSAT scores and GPA's(median is 3.5/163) than some of the other lower ranked school that has 0 attrition(no one was dismissed from these schools for academic reasons) whereas other schools(like mine) are highly ranked and have better students, but due to academic policy, many students fail out or leave school on their own. Can you explain why this is so? Does this mean if a student who dropped out from my school went to those schools without any attrition, he would have passed? Why would schools like U of North Dakota or U of Kansas (no offense to student at these schools) have 0 percent academic attrition and our schools has like 40 students dropping out every year? This seems so unfair, esepecially given that students at my school pay so much more money and have better stats .