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Increase scholarship amount?

Increase scholarship amount?
« on: February 03, 2010, 11:16:20 AM »
So I have been offered some money from a school, but I have read about increasing this amount. I have the forum to apply for an increased amount, but what should I point out?
Do I want to list other schools I am considering, or just say "blah blah, I am interested in the school but it is still to expensive comparatively blah blah." What leverage/route is most effective? They offered 1/3 off and I am just trying for 1/2 off.

Thank you for any help/guidance.

Re: Increase scholarship amount?
« Reply #1 on: February 03, 2010, 12:04:08 PM »
It depends on the school and your bargaining situation.  I am bargaining with a school of my choice right now actually.  They are public, and in state tuition is dirt cheap so they are standing where they are, but here is the path I would take.

If you have an offer from a substantially higher ranked school, I would bring it up.  Eg, if you have offer from Duke and offer from Tulane with 5k scholarship (which you want to make half or full tuition) I would call admissions dean and explain that you are split between these schools and additional scholarship would make it a lot easier for you to decide.  I  do not recommend telling higher ranked school with 25% aid that you got 100% aid in lower ranked school.  They know the rankings by heart and will call your bluff immediately, telling you to research average salaries and employment opportunities for the two schools...

If that does not work/is not applicable, I would write a letter to the Dean of Admissions, expressing how happy u r to be admitted and how much you look forward to come to the school.  Then I would highlight parts of your applications that seem most winning in detail (e.g. work experience)and say at the end that you believe your scholarship should be increased based on these qualifications and you ask the admissions office to consider such increase.

I did not have first route available so I went second route.  They said they were ecited at my interest and will consider the letter when final aid package is determinedin in april...

Re: Increase scholarship amount?
« Reply #2 on: February 04, 2010, 01:09:04 PM »
When I was trying to decide between schools (there were 4 I was interested in, 2 were T3, 2 were T10), one seemed to keep bumping up the $$$ the decision deadline drew closer. It was never a blatant, "oh look we are giving you more money" but usually a note saying "you've been selected for the xyz fellowship/scholarship". I never asked for it or submitted any forms (not that I didn't appreciate it mind!).  By the time I finally made up my mind this school was getting close to free wrt tuition. Its a bit of a mystery to me how these things work.  It was a close decision for me as graduating with less debt would be quite nice.

Re: Increase scholarship amount?
« Reply #3 on: February 04, 2010, 06:07:02 PM »
So you were deciding between T3 and Harvard?  That is tough.  The tip abou waiting till the last minute to accept is definitely a good one.  Show them who is the boss in the relationship.

Re: Increase scholarship amount?
« Reply #4 on: February 05, 2010, 06:02:34 PM »
Thanks for the tips.

The school is Santa Clara. I have the forum to apply for an increase already, just need to fill it out and fax it over. Just wondering what to include on it, and when is the best time.

I think I understand, though. Will go with route 2 above in the next few weeks (deposit due by early-mid April).

Re: Increase scholarship amount?
« Reply #5 on: February 05, 2010, 06:46:58 PM »
Once I think about it maybe you can try a hybrid approach - tell them you are on the fence about attending law school due to legal jobs market, then write a letter stating that, highlighting your advantages (whatever you got, community service, GPA, leadership, etc) and asking to be considered for more money.  Then you can sit back and wait till the very last week to make a deposit.  If they did not give your money, oh well, u r in anyways and you did all you could.