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Where to live: Harvard Law!

Where to live: Harvard Law!
« on: January 28, 2010, 06:04:43 PM »
Admitted to Harvard Law? Trying to decide where to live?

Look no further!  I'm a 3L, and have been living in the greatest apt for the past three years... I'm moving to NYC following graduation, and have to leave my charning, large, exposed-brick one bedroom, one bath apt (approx 850 sq ft).

It's in the perfect location (with the nicest landlord), 3 blocks from the law school (between Harvard and Porter Squares), down the street from Starbuck, the grocery store, cafes, and dry cleaners... Rent includes parking, heat, water, trash, snow plowing, and all! Comes already set up with phone, Internet and cable... 

See here for pics:

Let me know if interested asap:


Re: Where to live: Harvard Law!
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Why go to Harvard when you can go to Cooley?  ;D