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William and Mary or University of Richmond

William and Mary or University of Richmond
« on: January 28, 2010, 05:44:09 PM »
Got accepted into University of Richmond and College of William and Mary. UofR is 3 miles from my house, W&M is 60.  Planning to do everyday commute.  UofR is now processing my application for a near full ride scholarship and W&M gave me 6K a year no questions asked.  Without full ride I am certainly enrolling at W&M, but what do people think about if the scholarship for UofR works out?  I know all about the rankings (77 vs 28) and what per cent of the class you would need to be to get a good job (10 vs 30), but am looking for any other considerations/insights.

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Would you be able to take a train instead of a car to U&M?  In that case you could use that as study time. 

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I appreciate the nice touch about train. Unfortunately, train ride from Richmond to Williamsburg requires the get to and from the train station at both locations, and the train ride takes 1 hour 30 min while the car ride takes 50 min (no traffic;-) usually )...Plus the train ride is 18-26 dollars in one direction...

But that is a good consideration, I was actually offered application fee waiver from Duke University (162/3.94, go figure), and was speculating about renting a place there and taking a train a few times a week.  Application is still pending.

I agree with you both.  For 16*3=48K (MAXIMUM)I would be a lot more comfortable to have W&M on my resume.  Plus, being top 30% of class carries A LOT less lottery chance than being top 10% at UofR...

Waitlist at UVA, bastards. I guess it means here I come, W&M.