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GWU WL LOCI Question


GWU WL LOCI Question
« on: January 26, 2010, 06:33:35 PM »
I just got WL at GW as a PT student. GW is my #1 choice without a doubt; also the best school I've applied to ranking wise. I am on the waitlist not as a yield prospect but probably because my lsat/gpa is low (159/3.33).

I have been researching about GW today but can't seem to find anything really relevant for the LOCI. I am still in UG and not sure about which area of law to concentrate in. However, I know for sure I want to go to GW even as a PT student (eventually moving to FT) because of its location and its decent prospect for biglaw jobs in DC (I want to practice in DC).

I want to ask you LSD users for some help. What do you like about GW? What is awesome about it other than location, prestige, and job-prospects?

I'm just not sure if writing the LOCI stating the two reasons and my 1000% guarantee that I will withdraw from every other school and attend GW is sufficient enough to put me on their admit list.

Any inputs?