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What sort of lawyer positions/fields would allow me to work only 50 hrs/wk?

Hello all,
I am doing an Americorps job this year and know that I will kill myself quickly if I continue to work this much as an adult rather than just a 1 year youthful energy stint. What positions or whole fields would allow me to work less than 50 hours a week, preferably 40, although I know that is almost impossible? I have got myself into a pretty good school and I hope to be 'going places' but it seems no career path leads to anything but way too much work.
I know I have to make exceptions for trial time, should I do that.


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Air traffic controller

Best thing about it -- you don't need a law degree.

Seriously?  50 hours a week, as a lawyer?  I hear tax lawyers have relatively decent hours.  And maybe public defenders, but many of them work their asses off too.  You're going into the wrong profession if you're looking for short hours.  There are enough people who enjoy doing legal work that they don't mind putting in the hours that there's relatively little market for people who don't.  Of course, if you're good enough, you'll make something work, but if you don't enjoy the work, you'll often feel overworked. 

Many firms now offer part-time/reduced hours tracks.  These are typically non-partner tracks and pay considerably less than a full time track.  Still, they tend to work out to about 40hrs/wk.  Normally you wouldn't start out on such a track, but you'd start full time then move to that after a few years. 

The above poster is probably correct that law may not be the best field for someone who wants to work those kind of hours.