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I have been accepted into TU and have received a sizeable scholarship. I am worried about the job prospects in Tulsa and I have never been to Oklahoma. I have never even been to Tulsa or OK, so any insight would be helpful.

To be perfectly honest, the school is horrible and the job prospects are even worse.  If you have no ties to the area, I would not go there.  Furthermore, did you not get in anywhere better?

In our defense, TU isn't a bad school.  GREAT professors, and a really good atmosphere.  The job prospects are fine, but are pretty localized- so if you want to work in the area, career services is good at that- they are also really good at scholarships, and in my opinion, it's worth not having any debt.  TU is a good law school.  Law school is about making your own choices, so don't blame the school.  And Tulsa is fun, I've been here almost my whole life.  A different pace from some cities, but it's good place to be.  Let me know if you have any specific questions; I'm in my third year at TU.

Also, here's some general law school advice I've picked up:

I admire your optimism...unfortunately, though, the school really is not well regarded.  I know three people who went to law school there.  All three of them are still struggling to find permanent employment (one of them graduated 3 years ago and is still doing contract review work in Boulder, CO, another graduated 2 years ago and cannot find a job in any TX DAs office even after passing the bar, the third also graduated 2 years ago and is doing a 1-year stint as a staff attorney for a trial judge in Arkansas.)  These people would have gladly stayed in Tulsa had there been a job for them...there was not though and now they are scattered across the country trying to get something permanent.  Even being at the top of your class coming from that school is going to give you trouble...I think I've been told me that everyone with a 3.2 is guaranteed Law Review?  Frankly, if you get into another school like U of Arkansas or U of Missouri or some other similarly ranked state school, I would go with one of those.  The tuition will be much cheaper and your prospects will be much better.     

I have gotten into DU and USD, but none offered and money yet. I don't know if I would want to live in Tulsa the rest of my life though.
Do you know anything about the part-time program?
I don't want to limit my options, but at the same time paying over half my tuition is pretty intriguing.
Thank you for the opinions, I'll take them into consideration. I'm just trying to consider all my options.


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