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Re-awakening this thread.  Another essay on the subject:

More or less balanced despite the title.

All terribly important considerations! For a lighter take on the question of whether to go to law school, have a listen to the latest episode of The host (a comic who was once a lawyer) is taken to task by his good lawyer friend for being a "class traitor" for leaving the world of law for stand-up. A super hilarious, intelligent conversation/confrontation.

If the police service application requires a high school transcript, then yes, you need to get your high school transcript.

Why is that so difficult that you needed to ask for clarification on an Internet forum?

A law profession is a serious obligation. If you try to enter these skills you have to be sure to take the all responsibilities not only in yourself but also in your clients. I suggest to consult first with an expert before to make a decision.

CA Law Dean:
If you are considering going to law school in California, don't forget to check out the 17 California-accredited law schools (CALS) in addition to the 21 ABA approved law schools. As dean of Monterey College of Law I am happy to answer questions that might help you identify why one of these regional law schools might be a good fit for you. Questions to consider are: 1) Do you learn better in smaller class sizes? 2) Are you concerned about the $150K cost of the typical ABA law schools? and 3) Are you interested in the type of law jobs available in smaller, non-urban communities?


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