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34 yo doctor - thinking of law school

Re: 34 yo doctor - thinking of law school
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Hi escude - hoping you still check here...  Just curious, what did you decide to do?  I'm in remarkably similar situation.



Re: 34 yo doctor - thinking of law school
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Just a suggestion, but you could try getting a paralegal certificate first if there are any ABA-approved programs in your area- it would cost a lot less, you could probably keep your job, and you would be able to get a job that uses both your legal and medical knowledge. Of course, you could get a JD later if you wanted.

Re: 34 yo doctor - thinking of law school
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Apply for a part time law program, that way you won't have to stop working, maybe you could reduce your hours as a doctor, but still make money while you go to law school. Also you can try going to law school and if you don't like it quit, the cost will be less for an evening program. Also the top evening programs in the country are much easier to get into than the top day programs, so you might even be able to sneak into an awesome school's evening program than the day program. Additionally, if you love law, it's possible to still finish in 3 years by transferring to the day program. Some of the smartest people at Fordham's law review for example went to the evening program, didn't work, studied all day got excellent grades, got hired by the best firms, then transfered to the day program and graduated as the same time as everyone else. I think anyone considering graduate school where an evening program is an alternative should definitely consider it.

Also there are a million opportunities for a lawyer with any science degree, even with average grades, as you'll see when you look at the list of law firms that *require* a science degree to even apply. So if you really like it, go for it! Also you might want to consider an MBA, my dad is a doctor and got his MBA at 40 something and he rakes it in now with his medicine related businesses. (He makes about 10x money compared to before).

I am a recent law grad, who did some pre-med, working in health law in New Jersey (although I live in a nice Manhattan apt (yep, reverse commute lol)). Also I was in the middle of my class, and not freaking out about job prospects. (Although I am thinking of taking the Florida for the sunny weather :->).

Hope that helps.

Re: 34 yo doctor - thinking of law school
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Sorry about the spelling on that last post. I'm kind of exhausted but I really wanted to answer your question.