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48 year old CPA - Is Law School a Good Idea?

48 year old CPA - Is Law School a Good Idea?
« on: January 16, 2010, 05:17:45 AM »
Hi everyone,
I went back to school when I was at 43 and received my undergraduate degree at 45. I am now a 48 years old CPA working full-time. I am also in grad school, three classes shy of the MS Tax. Would law school be a waste of time? Am I too old? What is the potential for merging my CPA credential with a JD, especially with the MS Taxation? One of the reasons I became a CPA was to start my own firm what is the potential out there for a law/tax practice? What effect would my age have on my employment prospects after graduating (Jan 2011 is my planned start date)?

I should add that I have always wanted to be a lawyer, I am single, no kids and I dont plan to retire.

Thanks guys.