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A word of caution on average salaries: I think that they only average the salaries of the people who actually report their salaries, and that the sample size is generally pretty small and skewed toward those who are making decent money.

Good call... that's what all of these 0Ls don't seem to understand.  The reason I chose the $55K figure was because 75% reported.  As you can see, I reduced the $55K figure to reflect the 25% unreported that were either unemployed or had salaries severely less than the average.  I also further reduced the figure to compensate for the economy.

There's no doubt in my mind that the $65K figure that charlow posted is way off the mark - especially in this economy.  My guess is that with 100% reporting and compensating for this economy, a recent St. Mary's grad could expect to make $35-40K starting.