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Am I being realistic?

Am I being realistic?
« on: January 13, 2010, 07:48:20 AM »
        I am about to apply to law school and wanted to run my qualifications and career intentions past you guys to see if I am being realistic about my chances of law school and my future. I have an atrocious undergraduate GPA of 2.2. After college, I enlisted in the United States Coast Guard where I currently work as an environmental investigator and regulatory inspector. I took the LSAT and scored a 156. Last year I earned a MS in Environmental Policy with a GPA of 3.96. I want to attend law school and concentrate in environmental law. I am applying for T 3 and 4 schools and even trying to stretch my luck and apply for some lower T2 schools.

   Anyway, I would like to graduate law school and go to work as an environmental advocate for a non-profit, or go into government work. I am fine with earning a starting salary around $50-$60 as I will be graduating with very little debt thanks to the post 911 GI Bill/Yellow Ribbon Program, which pays most/all of my tuition & books as well as my living expenses while in school.

   So, are my career intentions reasonable for someone coming out of a T3/4 school? What do you think my chances are of actually getting into a T2 school? Will my prior military experience and education help me get into the law school/the career field of my choice? With my prior experience and education do I need to concentrate in env law to have a decent chance of working in that field?

Thanks for any input. Be as brutally honest as you want.


Re: Am I being realistic?
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I think you can get in.  I had a 2.71 and 154 and got into Touro.  Retook the LSAT and got a 158 and got a scholarship to a T3 and a T4 and am waiting for a reply to others.  My resume is pretty dull.  Your's sounds more ineresting, so I think your chances are as good or better than mine