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Anybody Interested in Lobbying?


Anybody Interested in Lobbying?
« on: January 06, 2010, 11:03:33 PM »
I have always thought being a lobbyist would be an interesting career (I seem to be attracted to sleezy jobs: lawyer, lobbyist, politician, assasin etc.) From what I have researched getting a law degree seems like a good starter on doing that.  I read that once people graduate from law school a lot of people  1) Practice BIGLAW or start their own practice and become filthy rich, become a politician, and then use their connections to become lobbyists 2) Work as government attorney, make connections, and become a lobbyist or 3) Straight out of law school go right into a lobbying firm. Do grunt work for a couple of years until they make the right connections and then move up in the company or start lobbying solo.

Is anybody else interested in lobbying and if so how do they plan on doing it?  Any good ideas for what law schools would be best to attend? I assume one in the D.C area would be the most effective...