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I attended Seton Hall Law part-time from 06 to 07. After my first year, I dropped out and enlisted in the Army to pay off my student loans.  I could foresee a worsening economy and dire job prospects. And with only a 2.9 GPA, I didn't feel like I would fare competitively in the job market.

I'm not sure how long my credits are good for under ABA guidelines. Is it true that you have to graduate within 5 or 6 years?

My other question is whether I legally have the right to resume my studies at Seton Hall. I'm not sure whether I would have to re-apply there or not. I would like to avoid it altogether if possible.

I'm really not sure whether I should transfer to another school at this point. I don't regret leaving when I did. I'm much better off now financially and don't feel as beholden to financial aid.

Any advice? 

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does anyone know how many years you have to graduate under ABA guidelines?  or is based on which state you're going to take the BAR in?