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Is BYU a Feeder School?

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--- Quote from: OLY on January 08, 2010, 11:27:06 PM ---The only thing that makes me feel otherwise is looking at the lists of some of the 1 tier schools of where their students did their undergrads.  The top ranked law schools usually come from top ranked under-grad schools.  That is probably because those people really did receive a better education and are better prepared for the LSAT but I was just wondering if anybody had any opinions on that.

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Better education?  Bah.  Call me a cynical old a-hole, but I think the connection you are noticing has much more to do with the fact that students who test well enough to get into top undergrads in the first place are the most likely to also test well and get into top law schools.

I've heard of pre-law majors still existing at some schools though it's rare, as it should be.  I thought that's what you meant when you said you were pre-law.

Thanks Devo. That's pretty much why I posted this, so somebody would tell me that. Pathetic yes but, I was in need of a self-esteem booster that day. Thank you!

I'm also a BYU law student and know several BYU-Idaho undergrads here. At my V20 firm this summer, I met two other BYU-Idaho grads who are attending Yale and UVA. If your objective factors are solid (GPA/LSAT), you can get in just about anywhere, and your GPA and LSAT make you competitive for BYU Law. Good luck!

Honestly if you are still in Undergrad find any B.S. easy A classes that you can if there is an ultimate frisbee or weightlifiting class enroll show up and get a free A. Law schools could care less about your major or what school you came from they have to satisfy the B.S. U.S. news and ranking system and they do that solely on numbers.  It would probably not be a good idea to transfer and like I said to pick up as many easy A's as you can.  Then hope you nail the LSAT.


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