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Is BYU a Feeder School?

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Hi, I am a pre-law student at BYU-Idaho. I plan on graduating with about a 3.75 and (fingers crossed) a 165 LSAT. My question is will going to a lower rank under-grad school decerase my chances of getting into the BYU law school.  I assume because most of the law students at BYU are mormon it is probably a big feeder school.  In the mormon community BYU-Idaho is often looked down on as a school for people that "couldn't get in at provo."  That is not the case for all of us. I could transfer to Provo but I would have to re-take come classes and my GPA would probably take a hit. Is it worth it? Any advice would be great. Thanks.

Am I the only one laughing at this post?

If you want to go to Provo for reasons in addition to law school admissions, and it wouldn't be too much wasted time and energy, then go for it.  But law schools mostly just care about GPA and LSAT when it comes to admissions.  I don't personally think it'd be worth the trouble to transfer if the only reason you'd be doing it is for law school admissions.  Soft factors can count for a lot, of course.  But of all the possible soft factors, I think that where you went to undergrad is pretty close to being the least important one.

That said, I don't know anything about BYU Law specifically and how much going there for undergrad, given the whole religious element, counts for anything.  If I were you I actually might just email the law school admissions office and ask them.  You'll probably get a canned answer, but you might get some meaningful advice and you don't really have anything to lose by asking.

Oh, and just as an aside, are you really pre-law?  Like officially?  

I would not think that under-grad location would matter too much either.  I thought that was kind of the point of the LSAT to even the playing field for colleges and make it easier to judge them all equally.

The only thing that makes me feel otherwise is looking at the lists of some of the 1 tier schools of where their students did their undergrads.  The top ranked law schools usually come from top ranked under-grad schools.  That is probably because those people really did receive a better education and are better prepared for the LSAT but I was just wondering if anybody had any opinions on that.
BYU is unique in that it receives far fewer applicants(and likewise selects fewer candidates) then other similarly ranked schools due to the "Mormon factor"  I would like to know the opinion of somebody that has actually attended BYU law. Are there many BYU-I graduates there? My emails to the admissions office have not been returned as readily as I hoped.
No I am not a "pre-law" major. Is that what you're asking? Does such a thing even exist? I'm a poly sci guy.

I am at BYU Law right now. Undergrad school does not matter. I know kids from all over the place, including a few from BYU-Idaho (one of which had a similar gpa and a lower lsat). You will be fine.

Edit: feel free to PM me.


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