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Hi everyone! I have my B.A. in Spanish Literature with a minor in business and classes in mandarin chinese,anthropology, sciences, and entrepreneurship. I have done work with refugee students and their community and I am interested in either immigration or international law. I don't know anyone going to law school and would like some advice on law schools for my gpa/lsat range. So far, I have been looking at:
New York Law School
SMU Dedman
Southwestern Law School
Drexel-Earle Mack School of Law
U of Florida

I went to a tier 1 undergrad ( its ranked 34th) and have significant student debt so I want to make sure I end up at a good law school for better job opportunities . Any advice about the schools in my list or others I should consider?? Also, since my gpa is low, I don't know if I should aim for other schools where my LSAT is on the lower range.Please help!Thanks in advance:)


sounds like you haven't looked at the "likelihood of admission" calculator provided by LSAC:


Florida and SMU aren't going to happen, but the rest are all doable.

Is there any particular part of the country you want to end up in?

Thanks for the feedback, I prefer to be in NY, Texas or California. Any other suggestions of good schools to look into? I have looked at the lsac likelihood of admission calculator, but I don't know which schools within my lsat/gpa range are worth the tuition.

I would still apply to SMU their median is 157-163.


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