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LEEWS (cassette version) - super cheap! ($50)

LEEWS (cassette version) - super cheap! ($50)
« on: January 01, 2010, 07:33:53 PM »
wentworth miller's acclaimed legal essay exam writing system (leews) for law students -- just 50 bucks (+shipping) to improve your law school test-taking strategy and your grades!

100% complete set:
- general guide to using program (green)
- introduction sheet (yellow)
- 6 cassette tapes (i know, i know)
- primer workbook (136 pages of strategy, hypos, model responses)
- 30 worksheets used in conjunction with tapes

6th edition (2000), but don't be deterred by the vintage - for better or worse, the format of law school exams does not change with the times!

(i can't figure out how to include pictures here - so see them on my craigslist post if you'd like:

available for pickup if you happen to be in the boston area.