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Panic on test date

Panic on test date
« on: December 30, 2009, 09:41:28 PM »
I took all the prep tests from 20th to 56th, timed.
I scored between 164 and 178. Most of the time 170 or 171.
And then I took the June 09 test where I scored 163!
so I took it again in October, and I felt so bad after the test I just cancelled it.
On preps, I usually got perfect score on LG, where I always had 5-10min. to review.
In LR, it varies from time to time, but I usually get 24/26 and about 3min. to review.
RC is my weakest section.
I took the tests in Asia and on the day of the test,
I felt the test was way harder than the preps, especially LG.
I doubt that's true, but anyway I panicked, and didn't have enough time for any of the sections.
The funny thing is, I took the September09 prep before taking mine(October09) in Asia
and I scored 178!!  :o
Has this ever happened to any of you guys?
And do you think I can do better next time?

Re: Panic on test date
« Reply #1 on: January 03, 2010, 05:53:22 PM »
The range of your scores is extreme and obviously not common.   The wide range of your scores suggests that some of your high scores were due to luck and that you may not actually know why you got certain questions correct. I also would question whether you were honestly and accurately keeping track of your time.  It is very unlikely that if you typically have several minutes to review your work, that on test day, you would not be able to finish any of the sections.

Can you do better next time?  I think that's something only you can answer.  I also recommend stress reduction techniques if the real reason for your lower score was actually panic-related.  

Thanks for your reply!!
Actually, I did score 164 once, but I scored 170-171 90% of the time. And I made sure to review all of the preps afterwards. About the timeframe, I always used the alarm clock on my mobile phone to have every second right. So I couldn't figure out what went wrong, which really bummed me out. But then, I never took any prep courses whatsoever, and started with the preps rightaway, so it is possible that I did not have a consistant and logical frame.

I also think it could have to do with my biological clock. I usually did the preps in the evening, and I almost never get up before 8:30am, so I think maybe my brain was not ready to jump right on the exam on the day of the test.

Anyway, thanks for your advice. I really should go over the basics and learn to manage stress...
Can any of you guys give me advice on managing stress?
Happy new year! :)