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« on: December 28, 2009, 11:20:13 AM »
So heres my story for you all to criticize or advise...

I graduated in 3 years with 2 majors, am a minority (polynesian) and took a year off to study and apply to law school and work. I have a mediocre GPA and I am NOT looking to go to a tier 1 school.I realize that ship has sailed. I just want something in tier 2. I took the lsat and my nerves dominated me. BUT i KNOW i can do better. so I signed up again and took studying way more serious this time and i felt  so much more prepared and confident. But i recently broke my wrist and all my fingers in an accident and was unable to take planned lsat exam.

so should i take the feb test and risk my score coming in late? (i really realy dont want to take another year off)

or does anyone know of any tier 2 schools whose deadline date is in March, so i can take the FEB lsat exam.

any advice is appreciated, mahalo.