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How do I get out of ED

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Listen. I made a perfectly sound post to begin with, and has not changed.

1) I asserted that OP should have reasonably assumed that, as a T14 qualified URM, if he could get into Duke, he might have had a shot at Harvard.

2) I also said that, despite #1, it was understandable how he might not make that assumption, no matter how reasonable it is, because admissions for URM's at top and elite schools is a much wilder game for URM's than for white applicants.

3) Then I argued a reason: despite the "qualifications" that most URM's who gain aadmission to T14's carry, the evaluation of "soft factors" for URM's at the different schools (i.e., the relative weights applied to them), varies greatly. Hence, #3 is the reason for #2.

And the fact that you and your cohorts attempted to refute me (for what stupid reason, I don't know) makes your future prospects for law "#2". lol
The cruix of my argument in this thread has never changed. Do not get mad at me b/c you got caught in a flaw. BTW, I have been doing this for a long time (16 posts?...guess again neophyte!). And there was nothing in my posts that you could refute, so you were wasting your time. The problem with you self-entitled white dudes is that you get emotionally involved when it comes to discussing URM admissions, which suggests that you are nothing more than bigots who will fight anyone you suspect to be URM or in support of a URM. In truth, you are mad b/c you can't go to Duke or pisses you off.

As for change...I'll tell you what keeps changing. I have been reading anti-AA arguments here and on TLS for the past five years, and they never change. Funny thing is, the exact arguments I made in support of my argument in this post are the exact types of arguments the anti-AA zealots make in opposition to AA. In other words, you guys agree with what I have posted in this thread, but only when it's convenient. Hence, I am not the one changing my arguments...YOU ARE!  

It never are just idiots, PERIOD...speaking of...are you on yours or what? Let it go!

I am done with this thread. Talk if you want to, but i have better things to do, and you will look silly to keep this dialogue going.