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Legal Representive or Assisstant needed

Legal Representive or Assisstant needed
« on: December 19, 2009, 05:19:18 PM »
I am looking for one or a group of senior level law school students to help me to prepare legal documents for an academic misconduct case happened at FSU.

In this case, A tenured professor at Engineering School plagiarized my already published research (including two patent applications and more than 8 scientific papers) as his own and got over $450,000 research funds.

I am the first inventor and first author in all of the patent applications and scientific papers because I proposed and performed these researches. The professor has no experience in my research area but list as co-author and co-inventor just because he was the supervisor. When I started my research, he said he was too busy and no time/interesting in my research. However, when I got succeeded in my research, he used my achievements to secured research funds but did not tell me. I got no financial support from these funds. Moreover, it is fraud that the professor maliciously excluded me from the project but reported the my new achievement as his own to secure more research funds from governments. This misconduct case is very similar with the well-known cases:

1) Dr. Phinney case. (The plagiarism in research grant proposal has been judged as a serious crime).
2) Dr. Chu case. (The "fiduciary duty between supervisor and student" has been confirmed. Especially, this case confirmed that the student has the right despite the patent is owned by university).

Dr. Kemper, the vice president of research at FSU judged that “first inventor has no meaning except to state that your name is first in the list of inventor’s names” and “Dr. xxx, as a faculty member and co-inventor on the patent, had no obligation to include you in a grant proposal to further develop the University owned technology.  Funding of additional research work on the technology does not entitle you, as a co-inventor, to receive part of that funding or to be involved in that research work”. Comparing with the above well-known cases, it is the obvious violence of the academic ethic standard and the US law.

My case has also been posted at:

I have more evidences and I am going to sue FSU for:

1) Disregarded the academic integrity, FSU policy and US law, and encouraged the immoral faculty member executing academic misconduct.
* The misconduct is continuing and officially supported by FSU even after my allegation.

2) The violation of Florida Open Record Law and the Official fraud by telling me the wrong message regarding the professor’s funding information to cover-up the serious misconducts.
* The Office of Research at FSU told me that they know nothing about the professor’s current funding but I got a official document made by this office in which they clearly advertised the new funding from a Federal Government Department.

3) The retaliation and defamation against the complaint
* The Chair of Inquiry Committee together with the professor asked the police department and immigration enforcement department to arise me because “(1) I was illegal to stay at USA; (2) I stole notebooks from the laboratory; (3) I threaded the professor’s safety”. Finally, the police department and immigration department refused their claims but the police department at FSU sent me a “Trespass Warning”.
*The police told me that I had done nothing wrong but FSU had the authority to request this kind warning to me. I checked US law and question that FSU, as a public institute, has such authority to prohibit a person from using its resource (The warning was issued before the end of the inquiry procedure for my allegation. I had never tried to contact anyone in the college besides sending of my email to them then).

4) The violation of Family Education Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA)
* FSU posted my photo with the “Trespass Warning” online. The photo was drawn from my student file at FSU.
* The disclosure of my name and photo online seriously ruined my reputation and violated my privacy.
* The “Trespass Warning” and its online publication brought serious issue in my job seeking.

As it has been listed above, there are lots of legal issues in my case. I understand that it is impossible to solve them in once. Since the case has deadline to submit to the court, I would like some persons who can help me to start my case by doing the following step.

1)   Investigating of the deadline for suing FSU regarding the academic misconduct.
2)   Preparing of the initial documents to register my case at court (sue FSU for the academic misconduct)
3)   Preparing of the initial documents to register the case to sue FSU regarding the violation of Florida Open Record Law
4)   Preparing of the initial documents to register the case to sue FSU regarding the violation of FERPA

It will be highly appreciated if any student or group who can help me in any one of the above legal activities.

I will pay any cost regarding the activity. Your compensation for the legal assistance will be mainly paid from the fine obtained from FSU but I will give you the highest rate if the case get win. Referring to the current Brenda Monk case, she asked $600,000 compensation, my case should be much higher than her cases:

Here is the current TV news regarding Brenda Monk case:

I am looking forward to hearing from the person who would like to help me and would like to get a great success at the beginning of his/her career!