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Should North African Arabs be considered URMs?

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If someone's parents are from North Africa, can they claim URM status as an African American? ???

They should I am sure the school will classify them as African American so you might as well get the benefit of being classified as A URM.

Below are the groups the ABA classifies: African American, American Indian, Mexican America, Puerto Rican, Hispanic. Below is straight from LSAC's ABA data. If you are from an African country they will classify you as that.  Unless you are a Caucasian from South Africa the school will manipulate their stats and say you are African American for their purposes. You might as well get the advantage of being a URM if you are coming from Africa.

African Amer. 12 2.8 20 4.7 29 3.5 3 12.0 13 4.4 32 3.7 17
Amer. Indian 2 0.5 0 0.0 1 0.1 1 4.0 0 0.0 2 0.2 0
Asian Amer. 53 12.4 68 15.8 119 14.3 2 8.0 42 14.2 121 14.1 47
Mex. Amer. 1 0.2 3 0.7 4 0.5 0 0.0 0 0.0 4 0.5 2
Puerto Rican 2 0.5 2 0.5 4 0.5 0 0.0 0 0.0 4 0.5 1
Hispanic 12 2.8 11 2.6 21 2.5 2 8.0 5 1.7 23 2.7 14
Total Minority 82 19.2 104 24.2 178 21.4 8 32.0 60 20.3 186 21.7 81
For. Nation. 9 2.1 19 4.4 27 3.2 1 4.0 11 3.7 28 3.3 9
Caucasian 335 78.6 307 71.4 626 75.3 16 64.0 224 75.9 642 75.0 196
Unknown 0 0.0 0 0.0 0 0.0 0 0.0 0 0.0 0 0.0 0
Total 426 49.8 430 50.2 831 97.1 25 2.9 295 34.5 856 286

If it's true that North Africans don't get URM status, I am sure it isn't because they are "underrepresented" in law school. I don't buy that that's why anyone gets special privileges when they apply. It is just another affirmative action attempt and to be quite frank, North africans have not struggled in the U.S. as a whole in the U.S. in quite the very special way that other Africans have struggled and when they have immigrated here (in general), it is because they come from wealthy families and are able to afford immigrating to the U.S. It's the same with the Colombians and Mexicans. Colombians are generally wealthy when they come here and Mexicans are not. This is why it is much more favorable for someone to be a Mexican with the same stats as a Colombian. However, I think being Colombian might give you a bit of a boost over being "white" with the same stats...


--- Quote from: terrence107 on December 02, 2010, 03:37:26 AM ---If someone's parents are from North Africa, can they claim URM status as an African American? ???

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North African countries have multiple races going on, not just white, not just black...often mixed.

I would say they have to use whatever race or race mix they reported themselves as on their immigration/student visa paperwork, period.  Not suddenly remembering you have some negro in you now that it can shave a few dollars off your tuition bill or add some grease to your law school app wheels.  The point of the URM is to bring it to the attention of the admissions committee "here is an applicant who is from a racial group whose percentage of the population in law school and the legal profession is severely less than their percentage of the population in the United States."

This means:

1. If North African countries represent .1% of the U.S. population, no one cares about increasing their enrollment if they represent .89% of the law school/legal population...cause they are pretty much properly reflected.

2. If a black male represents about 6% of the U.S. population (the other 6% being the black females to make a total of 12% blacks in the U.S. population), and they are only 1% of the law school/legal population...red alert, hello, something is wrong with that, so the powers that be will make the effort to fix it.  Keep in mind from the person is black no one cares where their blackness first entered the earth long as they are legal or will be legally in the country, cause they'll be counted on the next census if they're here for it...so this black male could be from the Caribbean or an African country (as a significant number of Ivy League black males are, which caused black American professors and others to change the complaint from not enough blacks to not enough AMERICAN blacks getting admitted), or a native son.

3. If a white male represents 33% of the US population (rough rounding, don't nitpick...and the other 33% is white females to represent 66% of the nation's total population being white)...and they represent 40% of the total law school/legal population (with maybe another 35% of the law school/legal population being white female for a total of 75% of the law being white)...um news flash don't need that many of them in there, they are oversaturating the market.

It's all about finding a representative balance as much as possible.  Because it was unnatural forces that created that imbalance in the first place.

Not a hard concept folks let's just deal with this and move on...

AND FOR THE RECORD the diversity statement allows non-upper class/middle class whites to showcase what they bring to the table as far as their viewpoint...they could be socio-economically diverse, they could have survived trauma such as abuse or the foster care system, they could have been an Olympic contender, they could have done any number of things that overcame some adversity.

Race is one factor, and the U.S. has a history of purposely screwing with people because of their race, so now the country does what it can to undo the barriers and EFFECTS of those barriers in present times.  Those whose forefathers got a distinct advantage from skin colour alone, are now overrepresented in most fields and the established networks (remember networking is the way to get jobs these days?) are skewed towards their population because of the past exclusion of those of other colours, so they didn't get IN much less to set up a network for this generation...

Find out what makes you different and bring it up on your diversity statement...URM category is obsessed over a lot by people who it doesn't even apply to...smh.


--- Quote from: vaultkeeper7 on October 11, 2012, 05:00:32 AM ---It is vey sad that such a situation exists where a few people are granted the URM status but a selected few are not. The topic if discussed will lead to religious arguments. It would be better if the current URM status is not allowed to African Americans or if it is granted to all Africans. Peace. Check her for details of my work.

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How is it "sad"? You either are a URM or you are not.
Seems pretty open/shut.


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