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Writing LOCI, asking about scholarships, etc... In the gray zone!

So we're halfway through December which isn't that early in the cycle. I finished my applications in mid/end-October and I have heard back from only 1 of my 11 schools.
So, 2 questions:
1) That school is a safety school, but they did offer me an $11,000/yr (renewable) scholarship. Should I write them now and politely ask for a bigger offer? "I am waiting to hear back from some schools, and comparing my choices among schools already accepted to. Law School is the biggest decision to make in my life up to this point, but reducing the amount of debt I will have at the end is definitely a worthy consideration." blah blah blah something like that.
2) Should I start writing LOCIs to schools that have not made a decision? Or is that mainly for people on the WL? Do I just sit and wait? I am fine with that, not impatient or nervous, just wondering if there is anything I could be doing.