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Should I even consider transferring?

Should I even consider transferring?
« on: December 14, 2009, 03:50:00 PM »
Here is my siutation.  I am a first year evening student at Suffolk Law (Boston). I have degrees in the sciences and engineering so I was thinking about Patent Law (however I am not sure anymore if I want to practice IP).  I have been networking and I may have a chance to land a job in regulatory or IP in my current company. 

Now here lies the problem: I really love the law and I am kicking myself for not taking the plunge ten years ago to attend law school, instead of getting a PhD (hind sight...)  I know that what I will initially make as a lawyer will be less than what I make now, but I am bored at my current role.

Is it worth it for me to make an effort to transfer to a higher tier full time program in 2yrs(Northeastern, BC, BU all said they are open to PT transfer students after the completion of two years of evening program)?
Or should I play it safe and complete my JD part time and have little or minimal debt I(and I can essentially cruise without pulling my hair out)?
Given how saturated the legal field is, it is worth it for me to drop what I have and chase a dream of a second career?  I am almost in my mid thirties...

I am looking for people's opinion to above. My wife and I both want stay in the Boston area.   

Re: Should I even consider transferring?
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I don't know why don't you check out your original post here:,4022348.0.html

Re: Should I even consider transferring?
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If you transfer, your grades could drop. If you are in the top 5-10%, and your law school has a reasonably good rep, I would not chance it.


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Re: Should I even consider transferring?
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I would definitely not transfer to Northeastern (rep isn't significantly better than Suffolk), but I might consider BU or BC.  Still, you have to consider the economics.  You'll probably graduate from Suffolk w/little or no debt, but from BU or BC you'd end up not working AND paying higher tuition.  And it would be two more years in either scenario. 

Overall, I would lean against it.  The big Boston firms do hire a few people from Suffolk traditionally (I summered w/a few in Boston in 2008, and they were very cool people), and are much more likely to do it for someone like you w/a PhD, work experience, going into IP, and good reason for going to Suffolk (the only school w/an evening program).

The only think working against you is the current economy; it's possible that schools may trim their hiring from lower-ranked schools.  But I still don't know that the extra prestige would be worth the cost, particularly considering that you won't be coming out for another two years.