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Poor graduate GPA?

Poor graduate GPA?
« on: December 14, 2009, 11:52:04 AM »
I had a pretty good undergraduate GPA (3.7), but I took one semester of graduate classes, quickly decided that it was not where I wanted to be and got out.  But I failed a course which pretty well tanked my GPA because I didn't have a lot of hours.  Will this hurt me a lot if my undergrad GPA and LSAT are within range for the schools I'm applying for? 

Re: Poor graduate GPA?
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Only your UGrad GPA is calculated into LSDAS transcript, your graduate grades more or less do not carry a lot of weight as your UGrad grades do. However, you do report b/c the application asks you to list schools you went to; so I don't think you can keep it hidden

I had a low GPA for grad school but a good UGrad GPA. The school I ended matriculating wanted my transcript; so be prepared to answer questions about what happened in your semester at grad school.
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Re: Poor graduate GPA?
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Friend of mine had 3.9something UG GPA.  Then had a 3.0something Grad GPA.  He's a 3L at Yale.