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I am strongly considering attending DU (have already been accepted) and wanted to know if who else is looking in that direction.  It seems this board hasn't been updated much lately, but thought we could get it going again.

I have also been accepted and am considering DU, I have a 160LSAT/3.8GPA. If I go, I will be in the part-time program. Have you received any scholarship information? The one thing I am worried about is DU's competition, CU, and the job market there.

I received scholarship information shortly after receiving my acceptance (one email came in the morning and one in the afternoon). 

Just thought I would give my advice as I live in Denver.  I moved here 3 years ago and graduated from college here, actually transfered out here so that I could find some internships, etc (I'm from Iowa..).  I have worked for a firm downtown for a couple years, and now currently work for an insurance company in the legal dept. Here is what I can tell you- I personally don't think VERY highly of DU, but it IS a good school, and if you want to practice in Denver after graduating,  you will have NO problem finding a job.  Denver is very largely based on DU grads, almost ALL I know went there.  CU is a better school, but I think alot of them leave the state. DU  has great connections, I would call Denver a "DU town."  So as long as you work hard to pass the bar (their passage rate is pretty terrible-but getting better..), you will be more than fine!


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