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Should I even consider transferring?

Should I even consider transferring?
« on: December 13, 2009, 05:05:50 AM »
Here is my siutation.  I am a first year evening student at Suffolk Law (Boston). I have degrees in the sciences and engineering so I was thinking about Patent Law (however I am not sure anymore if I want to practice IP).  I have been networking and I may have a chance to land a job in regulatory or IP in my current company. 

Now here lies the problem: I really love the law and I am kicking myself for not taking the plunge ten years ago to attend law school, instead of getting a PhD (hind sight...)  I know that what I will initially make as a lawyer will be less than what I make now, but I am bored at my current role.

Is it worth it for me to make an effort to transfer to a higher tier full time program in 2yrs(Northeastern, BC, BU all said they are open to PT transfer students after the completion of two years of evening program)?
Or should I play it safe and complete my JD part time and have little or minimal debt I(and I can essentially cruise without pulling my hair out)?
Given how saturated the legal field is, it is worth it for me to drop what I have and chase a dream of a second career?  I am almost in my mid thirties...

I am looking for people's opinion to above. My wife and I both want stay in the Boston area.   

Re: Should I even consider transferring?
« Reply #1 on: December 14, 2009, 06:39:19 PM »
BC and BU are very selective about transfer students. BC only took 7 and BU only took 13 people last year. It will be tough to move that far up from a T4 school (I was 1st in my class and didn't get in but got into comparatively ranked schools). You should definitely consider it, but temper your expectations about whether you will get in, especially since you are a part time student (probably not deserved, but there is a stigma attached to the fact PTers take a lighter load). You should have a good shot at Northeastern if you do well, but they are only a T3 school and likely not worth it for such a small jump (if any) in prestige or ranking.

You can check out the transfer stats on the schools data page:

Re: Should I even consider transferring?
« Reply #2 on: January 08, 2010, 02:31:38 AM »
I agree however if it is something that you truly want to do then go ahead and try. Even when statistics are piled against you and odds are slim, there is sometimes still a possibility. If you do not try the you never know 100%. You just need to weigh your odds out well.