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The WORST law school period!


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Re: The WORST law school period!
« Reply #40 on: July 31, 2010, 10:14:51 AM »
Are you saying a law school is out to make money?  That is a shock and that they may have even exaggerated their job prospects!  I know anytime I read a brochure from some place that wants my money they always tell the absolute truth.  Obviously, when a school says great career opportunities on their brochure it means that upon graduation law firms will be standing off the stage with 100k contracts in hand just hoping a inexperienced law student might be interested in working for them.

I mean honestly this is the kind of stuff that EVERY law school, university, even private high school does. You are a paying a school to give you an education and they are going to use some puffery to get you to come.  Crazy as it may sound from almost any law school minus the Ivy Leagues it is hard to start out in the legal field.  Law schools and Universities across the country care about getting paid first & foremost and schools will use some puffery to get paid.