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send app now or wait for score?

send app now or wait for score?
« on: December 09, 2009, 01:37:14 AM »
Background Info:
- Took Sep LSAT, scored 166. Unsatisfied, Reapplied. Studied really hard between Oct. and Dec.
- Took Dec.5 LSAT. Felt really good about the performance. Having done 35 timed PTs between Oct and Dec., where I scored 171-176 90% of the time, I'm highly expecting 170+, possibly 174+.
- 2.8 GPA (Comp. Eng.) + ~1 yr Work Exp., Canadian

- Really want to break T14.
- GULC PT ED seems to be the "easiest" way in
- note*: strangely, GULC ED is due March 1, 2010.

Ideally, I would have my LSAT score in hand to make an informed decision. If I barely made it (~171), I'd be safe and go GULC PT ED (+Cornell FT etc.). If I scored 174+, then I might skip PT ED and apply GULC FT (+Cornell FT etc.). Want to skip ED if I can because I prefer Cornell over GULC, but both schools are OK.

Should I wait until I know my score, so that I can act according to it? Or would that be too risky since it'd be so late (~Jan) in the cycle? Please give me some feedback on what you would suggest.

Forgive me for asking before getting the "real" score, since this issue requires an answer and informed decision before I know my score. Thanks!

Re: send app now or wait for score?
« Reply #1 on: December 09, 2009, 06:16:43 AM »
Depends on how much money you have to blow.  If you're not really financially constrained, apply now to a wide range of schools.  If app costs is a serious issue for you - you could apply late and expect some less than desirable results.  In that case, if you have something to do for a year, it might be best to apply early the following cycle.