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----December 5th LSATers- What are your thoughts?-----

----December 5th LSATers- What are your thoughts?-----
« on: December 07, 2009, 10:35:52 AM »
Ok so I took the LSAT this past weekend and I have no idea how I feel about it. For some reason i lack toe intuition to gauge my performance on a test solely on how I feel about a section.

With that said. This was my first sitting for the test. I had the version with 3 LR sections. It went LR-LG-LR- break-LR-LC. I practiced with 5 section tests so this did not fatigue me one bit.

Does anyone know which was the fake "experimental" section.? Also are there only 3 versions of the test (2 LG, 2 RC and 3 LR) or are there multiple versions of each. What I mean is. For the people who had 2 LG in their test did some have the experiment game first and the real games section section and vice versa.

This is my opinion of the test. I went in confident( or tried my darnedest best to) . I had the LR section first and this section put me in a great mood. I finished the section in enough time and felt good going into the rest of the exam. Games wasn't too bad. I didn't get to finish though. I was able to finish 2 games then the last 2 I basically diagrammed and got through the first few easy questions guessing on about 4-5 questions total in this section. The second LR section caught me off guard as it was a bit more intense than the first, same with the 3 LR section.  I missed about 3-4 questions in each of these section, whereas section 1 LR was a breeze for me to get through. then for reading comp. I was only able to finish 3 passages and had to rush through the last.

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« Reply #1 on: December 07, 2009, 02:46:12 PM »
I had the same type of test LR, LG, LR, LR, RC. I thought the 1st was extremely tough (I had trouble with the 1st question about trees, sugar maples and oxidation) I heard this one was the experimental. I agree the 3rd was the easiest of both LR sections. I also thought the games were pretty ok, the in and out game gave me some trouble because they included a weird rule about statistics being at 3pm or 9am....I was nervous so I didnt perform the way I wanted to and hope I did ok..........I thought the 3rd RC passage had hard questions though..but what do you think? how hard was this test on a 1-10 scale

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I dont remember a tree sugar maple question but then again i don't remember that much about the test. Haha. I do recall there being quite a bit of "sciencey" passages in the LR. For Me my first section was very easy. Almost too easy. I couldnt even finish the second or 3rd. No one else at my test center that i spoke to with my version had the same thoughts. Hence feeling like I bombed or did something wrong :-\

I think overall i would say the test was a 7. For me the worst test i took was PT 55. That test owned me in 3 of the 4 sections.

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Hmmm I actually thought the last game was the 2nd easiest? It was a sequencing game I believe that involved states and/or cities? All I remember are 2 rules but I dont think we can talk about it (places were NY, LA, Toronto? Vancouver?) But yeah I was pretty disappointed on the 5th section, I was pretty much exhausted after reading the 3rd passage and only finished 2 and 1/2 question sets : - ( oh well I hope we did well enough though

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u sound like a cute girl...haha  ;)

Don't stress about it!  There are worse things in life.  :)

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thank you ; that picture by the way--the guy to the left looks like he's great at math! LOL. But you know now that I think about the comments on how the last game was tricky Im fearful now that I might have missed something...

Oh well--no use crying over spilled milk! ttyl then lsat1 :)

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I forgot to tell you. Assuming that I didn't make some sort of big error on each particular game that screwed me for several questions in each section, I think I did well. One big reason for that was your claim that there's one question in each game that is a time waster. Once I found that one, I skipped it unless I got the answer right away and then went back to it. That, and the fact that I started with the easiest game for me, which was the last, makes me think I did pretty well.

So thanks!

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« Reply #7 on: December 08, 2009, 02:47:41 AM »
My test went LG, LR, LG, RC, LR. I am fairly certain the LG section with the class schedule is the real one.

I'm not sure how I feel about the test! This was a retake for me. I took one in October 2008 and felt pretty confident about how I performed to end up with a 159 (I performed poorly on my LR - worse than I had ever performed on any LR section.) This time around it's a bit foggy. I felt it was more difficult and LG is by far my weakest section. On the flip side, my usual strategy of "do three games and pick off questions in the fourth" was successful; my only concern is whether or not I got every question on those three games correct, so, fingers crossed.

RC, my strongest, wasn't bad until the sculpture passage. Spending time on that made me rush through the last one and I fear I made some careless answers on the section I use to cushion the blow of LG. I suppose, all in all, I'd rather be rushed on my best section than my worse, and hopefully that strength got me through the time constraint without too much damage.

I can never predict LR, but it didn't feel any harder than most other LR sections. I actually thought the final LR section was very manageable.

Thankfully, on practice tests where I've had ambiguous or negative feelings about my score, I've performed very well. My first 170+ score I thought I had failed. So I'm not canceling. I'm letting the chips fall where they may and submitting my applications before Christmas. I know my score will get me into /a/ law school and right now it's all about hitting more competitive schools and finding scholarship money. Best of luck to the rest of you!

p.s. I'm surprised this thread took so long to pop up.

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« Reply #8 on: December 08, 2009, 06:39:30 AM »
I had two LG sections, too -- I think it went LG, LR, RC, LG, LR? -- and LG are NOT my strongest section. Still, I managed to finish all of the games, which is something I haven't been doing in practice. Barring some absurd mistake, I'm cautiously optimistic about the whole thing.

Liz, we have basically the same plan for the year -- apply and hunt for the best money/rep combination. Good luck, y'all.

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I thought the test was definitely do-able (as if there was any other option), compared to the proctored practice tests I've been taking in the prep course I took. I do well with LR and it was great that the test started of with that, and there more sections on that than anything else. The games is what I have a challenge with, and I thought the games were relatively easy compared to what I have been practicing on.
Can't wait to get results, as they will determine a great deal of my future!!