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Did not register all my schools with LSDAS

Did not register all my schools with LSDAS
« on: December 06, 2009, 05:23:03 PM »
I am 47 years old, washed out of my first college then transferred to another one a couple years later, graduating with honors in 1998.  I just earned my MA this last August with a 3.88 GPA. 

That makes three schools and three transcripts, and when I registered with LSDAS I had copies of the transcripts forwarded to them. Here is my question:  After getting my BA I took classes at about 5 different schools.  Due to my husband's job we were moving around a lot, and mostly it was just one or two classes at each place, which I took at night.

I did not send transcripts from these schools to LSDAS because I did not think they were important.  I got all As in the classes but they would not add to my undergraduate GPA because I took them after getting my BA.  But then I thought, maybe I really need to have transcripts sent anyway.  I went on the LSDAS website thinking that I would be able to add them as schools I had attended, but it turned out that I had been frozen out of that option at some date.

My question is, do I really need to report these schools?  It's not as though I am trying to hide something bad.  But, it is an omission of part of my academic record.  Should I call up the LSDAS and see if I can add them now?  I do not want to have to worry about this for the next 3 years or the rest of my career.


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Re: Did not register all my schools with LSDAS
« Reply #1 on: December 06, 2009, 05:25:11 PM »
LSAC is going to know better than us.  Call them.