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NEED HELP HERE - should I take Testmasters?

UChicago 3L taking ?s
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Fire away

Need help about GPA!!
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I'm applying this year and have some issues with my GPA and wondering if anyone can help me out! Here is the situation:

I attended 3 schools during undergrad. I attended the first school for 3 semesters but suffered miserably due to tragic family problems and eventually my mom passing away....I left with about a 2.33 ( I cringe looking at that number!)

I moved home and attended another school for 2 semesters where I had a about a 3.4.

I then attended my degree granting school for 8 trimesters...I graduated with a B.A. in Economics with a 3.75 and cum laude. I made the dean's list a few times too!

I understand that my first year will bring my LSAC GPA down significantly, however, will law schools see how my grades improved or will they just look at the number? Should I include a statement explaining a reason for my poor grades? I'm worried now about being accepted because I thought it was a definite considering my strong academic performance at  my degree granting school. But now, with all of my other grades being factored in, I'm not sure! Any advice? Thanks!


Calling Steve Pirate
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Arrr, us Exile-LSDers are non-conformists and have decided to talk like a Pirate a month later!

Compare two D.C. firms
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Sidley Austin v. A&P. Which do you guys think? Everything from substantive practice areas, quality of life, financial stability, quality of work, or other areas. Appreciate your help!

score reports
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I'm under the impression that after you apply to a school and that school requests your transcript/LSAT score, LSAC prompts you to pay for a report? Is it possible to pay for a bunch of reports online in advance so that when the requests come in, they automatically send them out?
GPA: 3.75 from Northwestern U.
Feb. 2008 LSAT: 166
Oct. 2008 LSAT:
Will apply to: Penn, UMich, N'western, Cornell, Cal, Duke, UChicago, G'town, Harvard, GW, Vanderbilt, UVa

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On the electronic apps, after you fill in the first line and continue to keep writing, the text just shifts over.  Is this okay or does it all need to be seen?  What formate will adcomms be viewing this in? AND how long should descriptions of activities be?

Thanks for your help guys! sorry if this is an obvious question


1L's : Are Any of You Going to the UVA Softball Invitational Next Spring?
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Just seeing who's competing this year? Which school usually wins? Yale FTW?


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Rolling Stone article on McCain
« Reply #377 on: October 21, 2008, 01:15:08 AM »
Here's an article from Rolling Stone about John Mccain.

It's pretty old, so maybe a couple people read it.. if so, ignore it.

It's a really interesting look into the development of private life of the guy, and despite being incredibly biased against Mccain, proves to be extremely informative about who he is. I was kind of entralled as I read it.

Just to warn you, its pretty long.

ITT we debate the merits of "elitism"
« Reply #378 on: October 21, 2008, 02:15:32 PM »
Also, can you believe that "elite" is a good thing without being an elitist?

Is there a difference between elitism and straight-up prestige whoring for no good reason?


Is law school a good investment these days?
« Reply #379 on: October 21, 2008, 03:07:10 PM »
I am in my last year of undergraduate study and plan on going to law school next year. I have read many articles saying that law school is not such a good investment anymore and that people are having trouble finding high paying and enjoyable jobs. This is very disheartening to hear and has taken some of my enthusiasm away.
Now I have two questions:

Do you think that as the economy recovers that more jobs will become available or do yo feel like this is just due to over saturation of the field and that it will not get better for a long time?

Also if you have any recent graduate job search stories: successes and failures please share.